Bracing yourself .. When injury strikes

March 14, 2018

So .. It was just another regular Bootcamp trip away.  Off we went to try out a new run .. Muscle Acre.  Having done hundreds of these, there are no nerves just excitement for the fun that lies ahead and it didn’t disappoint.

Off we set on the 6km route as a team having a blast as always. Water obstacles, climbing frames, Bogs, monkey bars and eventually Monkey rings.

Like any obstacle up, I jumped to tackle it .. Then I heard an almighty POP. Id never heard or felt anything like it in my life before, the noise so loud I was sure id snapped a bone. Of course, I dropped from high screaming like a rather loud 2 year old.

I lay in a bit of a pathetic manner clutching my leg and crying with 2 of the girls holding me. Finally, the medics arrived, although they started eating jelly babies. I was asked to stand up to walk off the course but as soon as I stood and put some weight on my leg, which I was naturally quite reluctant to do…  it buckled beneath me and I screamed in pain. My heart fell