January 27, 2018

Body Confidence. where do I even start?

You see there are days I get so frustrated with myself, there are days just like you I look in the mirror and I struggle to accept how I look. I get down and I get upset. It has been an ongoing issue for a while now. But lately, it has been taking up way too much of my thoughts.

Lately, I’m trawling my own pictures, pictures, and videos from years ago and comparing and then self-loathing. And I’m pretty certain as I write this someone else relates to this.

I used to look different .. thin and lean. I used to look the part.

What triggered this surge, I’m not sure, maybe it was the end of relationships and beginning new ones, maybe it was all the injuries I have at the moment, some of it has been seeing pictures.

I know I certainly look at some pictures and think WOW I am meant to be the t