They seem to have missed a key part to their plan.....

I'm sure you've all seen or heard the governments latest anti-obesity strategy. Boris looked pleased as punch when he asked those overweight to lose 5 lbs in a bid to help the NHS, Coining in on the nations desire to help the NHS and protect it and its huge gratitude during this pandemic.

And how is Boris tacking obesity exactly ... By banning meal deals, stricter food adverts, sticking calories on labels and menus.. Focusing on food as the sole reason people may be obese.

But he seems to have missed out the IMPORTANCE of creating a calorie deficit and exercise. The very basics of weight loss ( where no medical issues are present)

He seems to have missed the opportunity to educate the country on the importance of physical activity for physical and mental health. He seems to have forgotten that physically active people burden the NHS less and he seems to have forgotten to help the failing fitness industry post Corona-virus.. No instead he offers eat out to help out in pubs and takeaways!!

Now I'm all for helping these businesses back and I shall eat out, But maybe a good call may have also been to offer some kind of respite to the fitness industry and some kind of real education to the masses instead of labels and bans.

Banning tobacco adverts didn't eradicate smoking, adding sugar tax didn't stop people grabbing a full fat coke and banning a meal deal wont stop people grabbing the crisps and the drink and it certainly wont tackle the complex issue obesity.

Obesity is more than food, Its more than weight-watchers and its NOT a one size fits all problem .. For once we must tackle the yo-yo diet industry and actually stand up with real facts, giving the nation real advice so they can make lasting sustainable life changes .

No one wants to count points or syns for the rest of their lives or tuck into frozen branded diet meals. Yet whats on offer is slimming clubs and banned junk food adverts. We need to make healthier food more available and affordable and change peoples behaviours.

Obesity often stems from mental or physical health problems , that fitness and exercise can play a huge part in improving.

Rehab, physiotherapy and exercise are crucial to the health of the nation.

Activity is central to tackling obesity, improving health and well being , both mentally and physically and saving the NHS much needed money.. and yet its been missed off the agenda.

Come on Boris and Matt champion the fitness industry for all it does, help us get back into the community and help the people we wish to help. Make fitness more accessible rather than blocking park licences with heavy fees.

Pair both together, good sound diet advice and encouragement to exercise, get children active again from a young age. Create cycle-ways not roads. A moving nation is a healthier nation. An active nation is a happier nation, an immune nation, a stronger nation.

Whats your thoughts on the new anti Obesity campaign??

And if you'd like to start exercising Now is a great time. Were outdoors in the fresh air and space and we are online in the comfort of your own home, where no one has to see you. So there really is no better time to start to make those changes that will lead to a healthier you.



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