Don't be your Own Victim

This may just be the most personal, relative and reflective advice I've ever given in 11 years of coaching B-Fit. So many of us today have so many struggles. Life is hard in so many ways.

Family pressures, financial pressures, relationships, work , social pressure , health the list can be pretty exhausting. We live in a society full of problems these days.

Sadly though for us all life isn't going to stop being hard and throwing stuff at us... and so really it all boils down to US !!

How we react, how we overcome and deal with it. Only we can change the outcome of our lives.

Now I'm not for one moment belittling anyone's stresses right now. Every challenge and hardship though can actually help us .

From challenge, struggle and pain we learn, we grow, experience , feel and often change paths .

If WE Let it !!

Too often though we become a victim.

We blame people or the past. We blame a situation. It's always looking for a finger of blame.

With this poor me victim mind we allow ourselves to give in to it and lead a victim life !

This mentality usually keeps us stuck where we are and that is usually an unhappy place.

Ultimately you can change life's impact on you .... even if you cant change the event.

These days I like to relate everything to my injury.... but so many times it would be easy to blame people for what's happened... but you know what..IT HAPPENED and it WONT CHANGE.

How I accept and live my life however does matter.

I could let my mind tell me I'm such a victim and the outcome would be living as a victim..miserable.

Or I can accept it ... turn it around and create a new path in life.

Now for some things it's not that simple I know:)

Maybe , like I needed it will take professional help , counselling or whatever.. but it can totally be done !

For so many people I see its easy to select victim life ...

Some examples

Oh my partner is away I just cant get to class and I am so unhappy .... Ok .. you want to workout right... take 15 mins for a home workout or go for a walk with the kids !!

Life's hard and I just cant motivate myself ... yes it Is and it ain't gonna get any easier .. something else always comes along. Only you can find what motivates you or you can sit staying unhappy !!

I'm injured I cant do anything... yes you can .... there's always something you can do !!

My partner left me or I have kids and I just don't have time for self care .... woah you need to now even more than ever ... ask a friend to watch the kids for 30 mins... grab a babysitter ...

These are just examples and everyone's circumstances are different ... but for 99% of victim mind and life there is a walkway out ... IF you want to escape 💕

Whatever circumstance

put you in ... it doesn't have to stay that way

Allie xx

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