At home .. How to avoid overeating and gaining weight

So now that half of Britain is working from home or isolating Out comes the countless before and after weight gain memes are being spread about on social media... Heck even I shared one !! Food is flying off the shelves in supermarkets.. not the healthy stuff either !! I thought I would take some time to and give you some strategies on how you can curb any overeating whilst stuck in the house. January now seems forever ago.. we vowed to make a difference to our health and improve our fitness. Maybe you where doing so well ... then this HIT

and you really don't want all the hard work you've done going to waste..

We can survive this time at home without piling on pounds and losing our fitness and minds with the following tips

Firstly, don't buy it! If it's not in your house, you won't eat it, so stop buying junk or high calorie dense, refined carb foods and there's less chance you'll reach for it at home. NOreason at all .. If your one of the people with a trolley of pasta STOP !!

Second of all, plan ahead. There's no reason why your weeks have to be any different to when you actually go to work. If you're used to planning your meals and making extra at dinner to take it in for lunch, then you need to keep doing this. If you're not a planner, then you need to become one, You'll save money, reduce food waste, reduce making poor food choices when hungry and you'll reduce you risk of weight gain. You have so much more time now !

Get planning , cook and be creative .. Use this time at home as a positive Third of all, if you are a snacking fiend then go for high protein, low calorie options... Rice cakes, boiled eggs, carrot sticks, apples, These kinds of snacks are filling and they won't damage the calorie count

Fourth tip.. MOVE MORE - and this is my favourite tip... Just because you home does NOT mean netflix binge and laze around Get up and move.

If you are a B-Fit member we are loading a new workout video DAILY. Instagram , youtbe and every fitness provider trying to stay in business is shooting free home workouts out there.

The national trust have opened up green spaces FREE ..Go for a walk if you can.

Get in your garden and exercise. I cannot emphasise this enough .. for your physical and mental health. Get out and move !!

Fifth tip... Keep a water bottle full and stay hydrated, don't go on the tea and coffee train. You should be aiming for 2-3 litres a day. Sixth tip... If you where tracking your food .. continue . If you weren't START

Why?? Because we are naturally going to me moving less .. less TDEE less calories needed .. If you don't adjust your intake you will gain weight.

Lose it, Myfitness pal, Nutricheck are all FREE

Lastly... Willpower .. mindfulness

Before you go to eat the biscuits, ask yourself if you really NEED them, Actually ask yourself the question. Chances are if you stop and pause for a second and question your thoughts .. you wont want it. This really works and I use it with my Personal Training clients. Stay Safe and well Allie

P.S Have you heard about our Free Saturdays in the park while we are allowed.

Safe exercising, mingling safely with others, 830am Bulford

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