Things I wish you would all hear

Its been a while since I blogged … Today I was asked what my best advice is for people and so I wrote my top 10 bits of advice as a Personal Trainer of a pretty great Bootcamp.

1.QUICK FIXES - don’t yield long term results. That old saying if its too good to be true it most likely is. Of course we all want our results yesterday , so it can seem appealing to try the latest craze of go all out with food restriction .. but the faster the loss .. the faster it will go back on and the more we deny ourselves something the more we will crave it.

Slow, steady and sensible always wins the race EVERYTIME .

2. YOUR WHY - Just what is your why and what ?? This may seem a little random but without a why there’s never usually a what ( result ). .. Why are you doing something and what do you want to achieve

Why are you at bootcamp ?? Most people will say to lose weight and get fit .. but WHY do you and WHAT are you doing to achieve it.

Your why has to be important enough you will find a way to do WHAT you need. .. if there is no real why excuses will creep in as there is no real goals or plans.

What’s my why …. .. because I want to be able to exercise again at a good level and What am I doing .. physio daily at 5am … dragging myself out on my bike

( If I did not have that why it would be easier to give up once I achieved small goals like walking )

3. Be responsible for YOURSELF. In this job we are always made to feel responsible its easy to blame the trainer , The class , the gym .. newsflash I’m not responsible or to blame YOU ARE ..

Bootcamp is not rubbish , my classes are not responsible for your lack of weight loss or results … You are responsible for yourself. I provide the platform for exercising , support and motivation BUT there are 168hours in a week and your with me for only between 1 -10 of those !!! What happens in the other 158 is up to you !!

What you do and the choices you make in your own time are so important.

I am there for knowledge support and expertise but I cannot do it for you , force you or be with you every hour of the week.

4. STOP COMAPRING yourself to other people .. stop racing them , stop judging them, stop focusing on them. You are you .. focus on your own training .. what you are doing or not doing NOT on what others are doing. Do the best with the body you have and remember everybody is different and EVERY BODY is different. We all have strengths and weaknesses , and limits and everybody has differing variables. This is your journey don’t shadow it with other peoples achievements. And don’t let your achievements overshadow others.

5. FEAR .. Its so normal to feel scared of new things .. of failing of the unknown . Fear .. you can either choose to let it hold you back and tie you down or let it drive you.

Overcoming things takes time , patience and the courage to try new things but once you have overcome something the elation is amazing. Stop letting fear win it takes away your precious time.

6 SCALING - Don’t be afraid to scale your workout. Modifying an exercise until you can do it properly is in fact a sign of progress.. a sign of learning to master something correctly or working on becoming more efficient at a movement instead of racing through for the victory of being first. On the flip side don’t use modifying as a way to get out of the hard work of exercises you cherry pick . If you have been doing the same modification for years you need to progress.

7 WEIGHT AND THE SCALES .. there is more to life than the number on the scale and there is more to your body than this number. Your weight can fluctuate by up to 8lbs daily .. it is not fat it does not warrant starvation and self-hate nor does it warrant binge eating. Grab a tape measure and use that .. gage how your fitness and health is improving , how your clothes feel .. much more than what the fucking scale says.

8 ENJOY your journey .. finding something you enjoy is a must. At times your journey may be uncomfortable .. don’t make it unpleasant too, Fitness is meant to release endorphins and make you happy. If your not enjoying it find something you do .. but remember the difference between its hard and challenging you to not enjoying it .

9 CELEBRATE your victories.. no matter how small .. god dam it they are so important.. maybe you only just got on your feet but haven’t walked .. it took a lot to get on those feet .. celebrate it modestly.

Look back often at how far you have come instead of focusing on how far to go

10 SKIPPING SESSIONS - never ever miss 2 workouts in a row ( unless your ill .. I mean really ill .. ) Missing workouts makes that the norm and makes it easier to find excuses after excuses. Consistency is KEY .. this will never be achieved if we allow ourselves to skip our sessions. Make this a rule to yourself.#

And for good luck My final bit of advice is

In a world Where people are queuing to be hard on you . don’t be front of the queue - Stop being so hard on yourself , placing unreal expectations on yourself. Beating yourself up shouldn’t be an option .. it is negative and serves NO PURPOSE or Place at B-fit

Work hard and show up .. Remember if you are not already there you are heading the right way


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