Get off the naughty step …..

Did you? step on them? You know – the naughty step..?

I wonder if this year you have decided thatThis is THE year you are going to make it happen?

Your clothes are feeling a little snug and you want to lose of few pounds or ten ??

Usually after a big period of having fun – maybe a holiday, Christmas, relaxing a little .. or a big period of lazing if your like me..

Did you know that last summer, us Brits spent more money in the shops on food and alcohol than ever before and they believe it’s down to the long, hot sunny days heatwave we had – we wanted to socialise more..

We had more BBQ’s, sat in the garden drinking more wine and generally enjoyed the fabulous weather.. and so consequently spent more money …

And a recent survey revealed over 70% of the population piled on the pounds this summer..

Now to Christmas .. another fun social time packed with food and drink .. not so many BBQs unless your down under

Each Christmas, the average Person put on 10lbs…. And usually We feel rubbish after it ..

So what do we do come New Year – step on the scales! Why just WHY do we do it to ourselves….?

We KNOW it’s just going to make or break us..

If that magic number is higher than you want it to be – then the low mood appears and sod it – you’ll reach for the left over treats to commiserate ….

The thing is that the number on the scales doesn’t tell you how things really are – it tells you what is going on in that moment.

it doesn’t tell you how hydrated or dehydrated you are..?

It doesn’t take into account your hormones or if you are due your period.

It doesn’t tell you how strong you are ..

how funny, beautiful, clever and kind you are..

Those scales doesn’t even take into account that you might need to go to the loo – if you know what I mean!

No.. it merely tells you what is going on in that moment of time.

I recommend you use a trusty tape measure and trust how you feel in your clothes as a better guide.

Measure your chest, waist, hips and each thigh at regular intervals (weekly or twice a month) and make good changes to your nutrition.

Get some good sleep – aim for between 7-8hrs a night

Hydrate plenty .. swap some brews for water

Take regular Exercise at least 3 times a week and be active everyday in some form ( walking dogs , housework )

Be accountable .. Do what you say you will

But take yourself off the Naughty step … Socialising and having fun isn't a punishment, Christmas isn't there to enjoy then punish yourself for in the New Year .. Just take some small steps to change things IF you want too of course.

Have a fabulous day,


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