How to stay healthy at work

Are you stuck in an office or sedentary job during the day ???

I'm blessed to be able to work outdoors , but for those stuck inside it can be a real challenge to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The sitting around all day, having a vending machine down the corridor, colleagues offering food, lots of cake on birthdays, etc.

The list of things to derail you is endless .. and the peer pressure can make it hard to say no ...

Here are a few of my top tips for keeping healthy in the workplace….

  • Preparation

If you really want to make changes to be healthier at work then preparation is key, making time to prepare and plan what you will eat in the week is so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A problem with buying prepared lunches and prepacked sandwiches is that they can be full of added salt, added sugar and preservatives. By preparing your own food you know exactly what is going in it. Something I hear so often is ‘I don’t have time to prepare’. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and look after your body then preparing food has to be made a priority.

  • Snacks

So you’ve had a good breakfast, lunch is prepared and you know what you’re going to make for dinner. 4 o’clock hits and you head for the vending machine. Preparing your snacks is as important as preparing you meals. If you find snacking difficult then try eating larger meals that will fill you up for longer so you don’t feel peckish in between.

  • Water

So many of us do not drink enough water, which is crazy because its so essential for our bodies! Water can help reduce fatigue, stop getting headaches, is good for our skin, digestive system, and much more! Take a reusable bottle to work and keep it close by. If you’re not keen on drinking water on its own add fresh fruit, have sparkling water, or herbal teas.

  • Get moving

Many people are living a sedentary lifestyle these days. Even if you exercise daily and eat well, being sat down for hours and hours every week is not good for us at all. Certain muscle groups such as your hamstrings, glutes, and muscles in your upper body can become weak and your posture can be effected big time. If you have an office job where sitting down and using a computer is essential, try to really think about how this is effecting your body. There are a few simple things you can do to help… Such as stretching, walking meetings, lunch walks or set the timer on your phone to make sure you stand up and move your legs at least every hour.

  • Sleep

The amount of sleep you get and how well you do sleep can really affect your body throughout the day. You might find yourself craving more sugary foods than normal if you’re tired. It’s completely understandable that sleep deprivation can’t be helped in some circumstances, such as with small children, but finding a way to make sure you have plenty of sleep and sticking to a routine every night is so important to keep your body working efficiently.

  • Share and talk

Talk to people about your healthy changes in the workplace, you might be suprised that they become interested too!

Tell them all about bootcamp and how great you feel .. you may inspire someone to follow you.

I hope this helps anyone out there who struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle with an office job. Eat well, move more and listen to your body.

Allie xxx

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