He's Sooo FIT

I want to introduce you to Lee .. our very own Mr Motivator.

Its likely if you attend my classes, you've trained with Lee. Its likely you have been pushed by him if I've paired you with him, or you've heard him cheering people on or requesting tuck jumps and its certain at some point you have uttered the sentence but he is so fit .. or but that's Lee !!

On almost every class I hear someone make reference to Lee, and for a while its been something I wanted to talk about .. but finding the time and the words to do the blog justice have been hard.

You see Yes, Lee is in fact fitter than most of the members of Bootcamp but it wasn't always that way .

Lee joined us last year as a serving soldier , Starting with us at 90kg, after bouts of injury he was the heaviest he had been and he wanted to change that.

Lee is now 76 kg having lost 15kg in 6 and a half months. He can now complete his 1.5 mile run in just 8mins 33 seconds, and can hit 83 sit ups and 77 press-ups in 2 minutes ... GREAT GOING for a 37year old ... lapping the young ones...

And this is where my point starts .. HOW HAS HE DONE THAT

How has he lost 2 stone.. when I am still trying . How has he improved so much and I'm still struggling ... Lee is just fit.. he's superhuman. He was already fit .. these are things I hear on EVERY SESSION.

Now, I want to give Old Lee some credit here where its due but more importantly I want to tell YOU how he has done it, and that YOU CAN DO IT TOO !!

The first thing Lee did was join us , the second is he set SMALL ACHIEVEABLE GOALS , you know the ones I always tell you to do.. and guess what HE DIDNT GIVE UP ON THEM !! These small goals are vital as they need to be achievable to keep you going.

He set 4-6 weekly targets that he would work towards.. just like you Lee had to give up some of the nice things in order to drop those unwanted Kg . He ate a balanced diet .. refused to join any crazy fads and ate from ALL the food groups even carbs .. he was in a calorie deficit. He stopped and looked at food labels ..he listened to the advice I give and he educated HIMSELF ON FOOD. This self education is vital for lifelong changes. One day a week he allowed himself some treats such as fizzy drinks and chocolate but still didn't go all out and end a train wreck. When nothing is banned you don't need to binge on it.

As the results came, this gave Lee motivation and he set another 4 week goal .. small steps not huge leaps .. THIS IS KEY TO SUCCESS !!! Small achievable goals .

Lee stayed committed .. long after he had the idea HE STAYED WITH IT .. Unlike most January resolutions, where the idea has long left by 3rd Jan ..Lee stayed true to his mini goals .. He attended all his classes and committed to them EVERY SINGLE TIME and still does. I cant think of any time he's made an excuse not to come and train with us. Excuses don't get results !!

But he was already sooo fit .. its easy for him .. Let me tell you as a coach no matter how fit you already are .. you can always be better , you don't have to settle. When Lee joined me his core was weak and there was a lot of room for progress. Maybe he was faster than most but he could still improve .. you can all improve . You can all become as fit as Lee. Lee has improved .. his fitness has rocketed because of his effort.

(Sorry Lee ) Lee is not special , he's not superhuman he just has the mind-set to always try his BEST EVERY SINGLE SESSION !! He never takes the lighter weight or the lowest reps , I see him doing extra at times and I also see him leave every single class with not one bit of energy left ..because he gave his all and more in the session. This is how you GET FITTER AND GET RESULTS. You bring your best to every single session .. no excuses. You don't let the person next to you talk you into the easy gossiping option .. YOU WORK ..

10% effort on class gets you 10% worth of results .. so you either want to achieve things and put in the effort or you don't .

And it is achievable to ALL OF YOU !!

Its only 1 hour a few times a week MAKE THE MOST OF IT !!

I was very obese and very unfit once .. I got my results the same way Lee has, I did it and so can you. When you watch me exercise and mutter .. she makes it look easy .. I was once like you !! But I got off my arse and MADE THE CHANGE .. like Lee.

Ask yourself on class can you do more.. most of you can and when I pair you with Lee that extra 10% comes out from you ... you need that enthusiasm every session .. don't go with the flow .. BE THE FLOW !!

Lee's fitness improved dramatically and lost over 2 stone since being with us . HIs football and running is benefitting and he can do more and more ... but you know he wont settle until that other 1 kg is gone , there are always ways to progress even our fittest ... you will now she him sporting the weighted vest .

And guess what HES HUMAN .. he is literally exhausted at the end of his session with nothing left to give .. How you should be ...

When I finish my workout I'm usually laid on the floor making sweat angels .. literally dying .. What are you like ? Honestly ???

And be honest ...

Don't blame the class .......

Next time your on class .. instead of saying but its Lee, how about saying I'm going to work LIKE .. Put me with Lee .. When we try to get that little bit more .. don't cuss in our faces , laugh or say yeah right ..

Finish a class with nothing left gasping not fresh faced and gossiping

Choose the higher reps, choose the heavier weight, run your fastest every time ... Don't bail on the hard things , slam the balls .. do the burpees , don't skip the reps .. do more always

Eat well , make good choices, stop wanting and not doing .......

As a coach Id say 75% of you can do more than what you do. I see people plodding along in their comfort zones day in and day out, I hear people moaning about the results they're not getting , then hear about their weekend benders and pizza nights, and I see very little extra effort on class

We as a team of coaches can not make you do what you don't want too, that choice is down to you... You are in charge of your own outcome.

But the RESULTS are there for the Taking .. if you do the GIVING !!!

They don't come FREE they are Earned .. with small goals , commitment , effort and Consistency .

You have a team of great coaches , with years of experience. You have nutrition advice FREE at your fingertips . You have coaches that will help you whenever you need it , you have more than most other fitness classes and gyms .. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE GREAT ... YOU JUST NEED TO WANT TOO !!

So what do YOU want to achieve ... maybe its time to set those goals and make a plan and decide your worth 100% not 50%

Maybe its time to re assess what you want ...

Allie xx

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