Beating the Winter Blues

Ever heard that saying 'Summer bodies are built in the Winter'? On days like today it can be really hard to motivate yourself to get out and exercise.

But did you know that being outside is the BEST place to train.

Here are some reasons why: *Strengthens your immune system *Boosts your mental wellbeing *Beats the winter Blues *Increases lung Capacity *Allows your body to use oxygen more efficiently *Burns more calories in the cold Dedication in the summer is easy but when its cold dark and wet it can be a challenge to maintain day-to-day motivation .

Maybe you can't find your mojo to get up and go. Or maybe the excuses have started to creep in. So if you struggling to get motivated and go outside we've got some tips for you that will help you off the sofa and get going! 1. Make it a routine, choose a time of day whether it be early morning , mid morning lunch or straight after work, if you plan well and prep for it you're more likely to go ahead. Put your clothes out the night before and prepare to get to class and don't let anything talk you out of it. 2. Find a friend. Find someone who will commit to joining you in your workouts, and hold you accountable for showing up. Knowing someone is waiting for you or expecting you to be there may be enough to help you throw back the covers, or lift up off the sofa and get out of the house. 3. Dress the part. The truth is there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing . Is it time to upgrade to proper winter gear? New clothes often increase our enthusiasm . 4. Keep it simple, silly (K.I.S.S.). The best way to overcome our excuses is to not create them in the first place. Most excuses are created in our heads. 5. Warm up indoors. Do some jumping jacks or in your living room before heading out. Not only will it get your heart rate going and your blood circulating, it will make you ready and full of happy endorphins -- Excuses be gone! 6. Tell the world your intention to workout each day on Facebook, Or any other way of being held accountable.

7. See the big picture. Find a 12-week calendar . Put it somewhere you'll see it every day (bedroom wall or office desk) . When you look at all three months together you realize how fast it's going to go. Put some events or goals on it !!

8. Be kind to yourself, talk nicely about yourself then you may want to look after yourself. Getting outdoors and some fresh air , getting exercise and eating well are all ways of being kind and caring about yourself.

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