The importance of water

This week my coaching focus to my members is on water and the importance of it.

Did you know we are made up of 60% water .. were pretty mushy right , and that most of us don't drink enough of it.

Water is hugely important to the body and to how we function. Not getting enough water in our diets can have many side effects ,dehydration ,headaches , water infections, back pain , joint problems, digestive problems, premature ageing and hunger pangs to name but a few.

How do you know if you have not been drinking enough ?








When we are fully hydrated we perform better, can remember more , our skin and hair glow, our sight is improved, we recover quickly, we aren't hungry,we don't suffer with water retention and of course it helps the fat burning process and flushes out the toxins from our bodies.

I certainly always feel the benefits when I'm hydrated enough.

So what's enough .. as always there's a lot of advice out there , some good , some bad some outright insane.

The general rule is 2 litres per day.

There are so many little hacks to getting your water in from fancy bottles that tell you when to drink to apps on your phone. Find a way that works for you. Maybe you just have a glass every time you nip in the kitchen .. everyone is different.

Id also recommend having water with your meals, this can stop overeating too so it will help with the diet.

And don't forget a hot water and lemon in the morning aids your digestion for the day .. MULTIPLE BENEFITS.

Tea and coffee do count as fluids and the downright crazy misinformation about caffeine and dehydration is false. The amount you have in your cuppa will NOT dehydrate you. So enjoy your cuppas in moderation.


I hear this a lot . Along with can I drink squash and juice. Well yes, you can drink anything in MODERATION. But remember there is often extra calories lurking in sweetened drinks. In one bottle of light Ribena there are 25 calories .. Those calories can soon add up. Now if you are on a calories controlled diet and use 200 calories on drinks , that is food your missing out on !!

Fruit juice is another culprit here .. its often VERY high in calories , so try not to drink too much of it , and stay away from concentrate.

If your water is boring why not try some cooled green tea or perhaps some water infusions . I love cucumber and mint .

Check out some of these infusions for ideas :

You can even get handy little infusion bottles now to take your infusion on the go B and M locally do these quite cheaply.

Infusions are great as they take the boring taste away and can have insane benefits. Cucumber and mint is great for extra hydration.

So get guzzling on the good stuff .. whether that's plain FREE water from the tap or a lovely lavender infused drink .. just make sure that you are getting 2 litres per day and you will see and feel the benefits within a few days.


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