How to Burn more calories

Its all about the N.E.A.T ..( non exercise activity )

You don't have to just spend silly hours night at bootcamp or the gym .. when improving your health , fitness weight loss or fitness a lot of it lies with your non exercise activity. Do you keep active on your non workout days ? Do you workout and then laze around ? Increasing your non exercise activity WILL increase your metabolic rate , calorie burn and help you reach your goal quicker. We can all increase it by taking simple steps, such as walking to school, or work , or parking further away. Aiming for around 10,000 steps a day. Take the stairs not the lift , go for a long walk , play with the children Here are 6 ways to increase your calorie burn Gardening

This is a bonus for the green-fingered among you. A 3-hour session in the garden is the equivalent of an hour of frantic exercise in the gym. According to researchers UK gardeners who spend 5 hours a week doing everything in the garden from mowing the lawn, weeding, trimming hedges and planting petunias, can burn up to 19,000 calories a year. So that boils down to anything from 150 calories an hour to 400 as well as oodles of fresh air. Go on, get those gardening gloves on. You know you want to... And if you don't have a garden mine needs some TLC

Dog walking

A regular stroll in with mans best friend is a sure fire winner in the calorie burning stakes. Of course it depends on how far and how fast you walk, but if you like to head out into the countryside for an hour or so, you will be during your cardiovascular fitness the power of good and burning off around 200 calories. And again, all that fresh air and companionship is just good for the soul.


Cleaning the house is a terrific way of maintaining flexibility and fitness levels. Think about all the bending and stretching you need to do in order to clean floors, vacuum carpets, polish furniture and dust picture frames. If you throw washing and ironing into the equation it’s a great upper and lower body workout and you’ll burn more calories with the more effort you put into all of it. . Another good idea is to leave the cleaning products downstairs so that you have to run up and down the stairs repeatedly every time you need another item. Upwards of 300 calories could be burnt off if you really put your back into it. Get the tunes blasting and get blitzing !!


A lot of people tend to overlook the fact that a good night out with plenty of boogying can burn a ton of calories and it’s really good for your aerobic fitness. Depending on your height and weight, you could burn up to 500 calories an hour if you’re dancing your socks off to fast-paced music. If it’s a slow smooch that you prefer, well you probably won’t burn off quite as many calories. And if your stuck at home with a child get the tunes on and dance around the house ..

Car washing

If you can stand to do it . skip taking it to the car cleaners in Tesco , grab your kit and clean inside and out, it will probably take you at least two hours and it can account for around 500 calories, depending on how vigorously you attack it. Wax it afterwards for a little bit more and your arms wont know what's hit them !!


You can walk literally miles around the shops if you’re out and about all day. So skip the online shop and go out into town .. you can end up walking miles ( if you don't get in strop like me first ) check your steps next time you head out and see how far you walk. And don’t forget that walking around for a long time with a growing number of bags will add to the calories you could burn. And one for luck as were approaching valentines day next month ..... Kissing .. it burns 2-3 calories a minute .. so pucker up when you can .. plus it'll make you both feel great

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