So You Want to Run this year ..

I used to love to run, I used to run twice a day what seems many moons ago , long before my catalogue of injuries. And while I was never Mo Farrah I certainly know a little about running and training for running. Having ran for my corps and competitive running It filled most of my life .

Running is a funny one , a lot of people run just to keep fit but at the same time hate it yet at the same time ask how to get better. Running can be very difficult and It often brings about huge panic in people , even on bootcamp . It has to be up there as one of the most asked questions .. how do I get better at it. In basic like I did you must do it .. I used to work on my pace, stride, cadence, as well as racking up the miles . To run well certainly doesn't always mean getting the most miles in . So if your new to running and want to improve here are some top tips :)

  • Intervals

The first time you go out for a run, you will probably want to stop and give up very quickly. If your out on a run this may only take 3-5 minutes . You’ll be very out of breath and this often puts people off for a while, if not, ever! After feeling this many people fear they are dying , they can not breathe and they are rubbish runners. So my first tip is interval training. Something like a couch to 5 km plan .. and we have one starting SOON Try intervals of walking and jogging to build up your fitness. For example walk for a minute, jog for 30 seconds, do this for 10-15 minutes. Each time you train increase the jogging time until you can jog at a steady comfortable pace for more than 15 minutes, this may take a while so just be patient! Then, keeping at this comfortable pace, you can start focusing on building up your distance. Intervals are great for beginners , this is often the kind of running we do at bootcamp . My second bit of advice on this is DO NOT JUMP FROM ZERO TO HERO TOO SOON . If you have not ran before let your body build up slowly and stay injury free.

  • Don’t worry about your speed

A lot of people worry too much about how fast they can run rather than their pace and distance. How long a run took .. I see it daily on Facebook - the feeds of map my run !! If you want to be sprinting 100-400m then great focus on your speed- But if you want to be able to run 5k, 10k or more you really need to focus on the distance and finding your pace to begin with. Once you feel confident at running a certain distance then focus on improving your pace/speed. For new runners I think this is so important, otherwise you will run a mile and be knackered wondering why you can’t improve, but if you just go slower and focus on your distance and pace you will probably find you can progress better and may enjoy it .. its not all about PB's

  • Invest in some good running shoes

This is a must... coming from me with my broken feet .. the reason I cant run anymore .. Do not run in standard trainers and plimsolls that are not designed for running. INVEST It is so important that you wear good running shoes otherwise you can easily damage your feet. Don't follow Jane down the road either because every foot is different and if you want those shoes to carry your miles they must be supportive and comfortable. Just because Jane uses Nike does not mean they will suit you . My best advice would be to go to a running shoe shop and talk to a professional who can advise the best shoes for you. Invest in some running shoes and trust me – your feet will thank you! I swear by running bath but sole trader in Salisbury offers this service too . Yes it may seem expensive but trust me again its CHEAPER THAN MASSAGE AND PHYSIO

  • Run regularly

If you want to be a runner you have to DO IT . Its that simple . If your on bootcamp don't shy away from it . If your running get out there With all exercise you can’t just train once or twice a month and expect progress. It just doesn't happen sorry x People ask me how many times a week they should run but this comes down to many factors including your current fitness level and lifestyle. If you’re new to running then I would stick to 1-2 times a week, then as your fitness levels increase you can do more. REMEMBER DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR STRENGTH TRAINING ... Stronger muscles creates an easier more efficient run with less chance of injury ... so don't just go all out running .

  • Enter a race

Yes I said race ... Until you have done one you wont understand If I hadn't done races I don’t think I would have enjoyed my running so much . Ocr , road runs whatever FIND A RACE and SIGN UP !!! One its a goal and gives you something to work towards meaning you will keep your focus.

Two races are great ... ask any of the bootcamp members who come away with me to our many runs !! The spectators are fab the atmosphere is amazing and motivating , Runners running alongside other runners and helping , and that feeling when you finish is just amazing…. You feel so proud of yourself, for what you have achieved and worked for and you realise what you CAN DO (Plus you get a cool medal and sometimes a cool tee or goody bag ) YOU WILL LOVE IT Now I cant run I applied this principle to cycling and signed myself up for the London to Paris ride. I look forward to our bootcamp runs as the only fun running I can do these days.

  • Food

Feel like you have no energy when you run? First of all, what have you eaten that day? What have you eaten the day before? Just like with any exercise, how you fuel your body is so important. Take this into consideration when you plan to run, give your body what it wants and needs ... Running isn't the time for reduced foods and diets missing whole food groups .. CARBS

  • Be patient

Just like bootcamp You can’t expect to come to a few classes and be amazing .. you cant run a few times and be amazing either . It will take time to build up, just don’t give up after one run and say ‘I can’t do it! or ‘I can’t run!’…. Everyone can run, and if you really want to take up running you have to be patient.

If you still hate running and feel you cant do it .. then don't .. buy a bike and try cycling .. but keep moving

Allie xxx

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