Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018.

Last year was a great year for B-Fit. I think it was probably the most action packed year we have had, with Kilimanjaro and our Reverse Rett fundraising , 2 trips out to Morocco and the countless runs and activities. Our members really pulled together and had as much fun as they could. Burpees for boobs was a huge success as we supported our local breast cancer unit .. there was literally thousands of burpees done that week .. Not to mention training outdoors in some very cold and wet weather.

2018 has brought with it change. After 7 years of bootcamp I decided it needed something fresh and so we rolled out a fresh new streamlined timetable, meaning I can coach more and that I have more time to spend coaching you all and helping you all, as well as time for myself.

Lisa and Sam will still be on the coaching team and our Tracey will still be working behind the scenes with admin and most likely kicks up my backside when I'm making mistakes.

I have a lot of hopes for 2018, with activities already booked in such as the STOMP in January and MUSCLEACRE in February. There's a Morocco trek and a 3 peaks challenge, water sports and a beach bootcamp. I again want to make this year as fun as the last. I urge you to get involved in our activities and really experience how much fun being active can be.

So 2018 kicks off for us on FRIDAY, 7pm at Bulford with our welcome back - taster class. Don't worry this is not going to be a killer class , I'm aware we have all been eating and drinking a little too much the last few weeks. It is available for new and old members.

This class is also the start of our JUNK AMNESTY .. So if you have any unopened Christmas treats and you want them out your way , bring them along and we donate them to the local food bank . This gets the temptation away from you and helps those in need around us.

The advertised timetable then starts fully on January 8th and as with all new things it will be reviewed over the months. The Thursday evening session may turn into 2 sessions, one being a beginners session giving our beginners more coaching and support, and to improve their confidence and the other an advanced class, meaning our advanced members can be pushed and coached on more advanced moves. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

The new timetable also brings kettlebells to Tidworth on a Wednesday Morning , meaning our supremum's can get a kettlebell workout into their routine too.

I also have created a FREE eating well challenge. This separate challenge is totally FREE and aims to help you all to make better food choices and think less about A DIET and more about YOUR DIET .

I am running this in a separate group, so if you are interested please get in touch . Day 1 has just started, so your not missing too much yet.

This year also sees my brand NEW 28 day meal plan land in hardback , this is the end product of a lot of hard work and I'm really excited to see the results it brings. The E book can be purchased now and the hard copies arrive this week .. exciting and perfect for those who need to know exactly what to eat to guarantee results.

Its also that time of year I start to repeat myself and urge you to set some sort of goal , a plan so to speak . This doesn't have to be a New Year pledge to totally change, but something small such as being able to run a lap of the field.. or improving on something. I myself set goals every year .. some I fail , some I win.. but they are there as a constant motivator for me. When you have a constant motivator you will stick at something longer than the first 2 weeks of January. New members have all been issued with a 6 week goal sheet .. PLEASE fill it in and return it. You older members Id like you to write it down and hand it in when you attend class. I will then write out the small steps you need to take to achieve it and hand it back to you . There is your plan of action.

This year I am going to be pushing you with no nonsense coaching .. straight talking blogs and advice.

You will see some instructor led classes and some double coached classes as me and Lisa work together and we have added the grouping system in, for safer more efficient training. I will be holding you accountable to attend sessions this year. As long as you are attending I will help you be the best you can be this year and reach every goal you have set. I can only do this with your commitment and interaction.

We will not be opening our doors to so many people. this keeps it personal and keeps it safe and manageable.

All in all I'm really excited and cant wait to get back on the field and to see all my old members return and meet those new members we have joining our community.

I look forward to a great 2018 and hope you are too. Keep being the amazing group you and I'm excited to see what this year brings us.



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