Common Bootcamp mistakes

The Great thing about boot camp is that I move around and can watch and interact with you more than a fitness class in a studio. Its coached. But there are a few common slipups that can lead to a less effective workout and potentially harmful results. The points below are the most common mistakes I don't want you to make , that way you will get the most from training in the right time Not Paying Attention People often say they like boot camp classes because someone tells them what to do. They don't have to think for themselves or about what they are doing and they can switch off BUT It's essential not to switch off , you need to be aware both of your own body and of your surroundings, rather than going on autopilot. Often there are others around us and exercise equipment. What's more you may miss he actual class instructions or any coaching points we are giving out. This goes for chit chat as well as autopilot .. there is a time for chit chat All to often people don't know what's happening in class and its not because I haven't told you. Rushing Through the Moves The class won't go any faster because you're rushing through it . There is no need to race against joe blogs or be the first to finish. We do not care who is first or last .. we care about it being done correctly. "Using poor form to race through a workout to look good will often lead to injury, and even chronic injuries." WHICH LEADS ME ON TO ... Not Taking Advantage of Modifications Starting something new and learning new exercises and how to move your body in a certain way takes time.. Even regular boot campers can benefit from sometimes taking it down a notch and improving a particular technique . Although we know our members and know who needs a scaled option if we have not offered one ASK US .. Make sure you let us know of any injures or restrictions before class so we can work with you to keep the moves safe and effective for you. Playing it Too Safe On the other hand, if you've been doing the same versions of the same moves with the same weights for months, it's time to challenge yourself. As instructors we will notice if you're ready for the next step, but if you're feeling up for it, grab an extra set of heavier weights ( you won't get bulky), or attempt those full pushups—worst case, you can go back to your knees for the last set. You have to keep trying the things you can not do in order to get better. Not Eating Right Boot camp is demanding. We know who is not eating right or overtraining and not recovering because you slow down or can't keep up or you look tired. We can tell when .. because we are watching you all the time. If we ask you about your nutrition be honest with us and if we offer advice LISTEN .. Better still follow one of our plans that have been written especially for doing bootcamp. Right now we have a free group and we have several eating plans, by fully qualified nutritionists . Please do not be on juice diets and detoxes with bootcamp. Supping a protein shake after class IS NOT NUTRITION AND IT WONT FIX A BAD DIET Don't fall in to the I must do more trap .. TRAIN SMART NOT HARDER And last of all ... Skipping the Stretch We know you're busy.. Wev'e all done it from time to time . We know it can be boring and you want to get home BUT Bootcamp pushes up your heart rate and taxes every muscle. Your body worked hard for up to 60 minutes, now reward it with some much-needed recovery. It really will help with the DOMS (muscle soreness ) you may feel MAKE SURE YOU DONT FALL VICTIM TO ANY OF THESE MISTAKES AND HAVE A SAFE EFFECTIVE BOOTCAMP Allie

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