NUTRITION & wEightloss 

Nutrition is a minefield of contradicting advice, often this leads many of us to be  confused.  At B-fit my aim is to simplify nutrition for you. 

When you join B-FIT  you will be issued a handy nutrition guide to help you achieve the RESULTS  you want. 

I have also  created  these EASY  to follow plans  that will help you  ACHIEVE  your  GOALS  and get the RESULTS  you want. 

These Plans are available at a small extra cost. 

To purchase any of our tried and tested plans please visit our shop 



Carb Cycling

Are you a fan of carb cycling ?? We are This book is packed with low, moderate and high carb meals to make planning meals even easier and more enjoyable.

7 day VEGAN  Weight Loss Plan

Whether your vegan , veggie or just fancy cutting meat for a while our 7 day vegan plan will get fast results.

Essential Cookbook

Cook yourself slim with our delicious recipes from our no1 selling fitness cookbook. Every recipe contains all nutritional information , making it compatible with all tracking apps such as Fitbit and MFP


Want fast but healthy results ?? Our real results 7 day plan will do just that !!

Smoothie Selection

Love a smoothie .. but bored of the same old ?? Our smoothie book is packed with mouthwatering healthy smoothies and drinks to make boring smoothie's a thing of the past !!

28 Day Weightloss plan

Want to make lasting changes? Our 28 day meal plan will get fantastic results without cutting any food groups.


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