We have an outdoor fitness class to suit everyone, whether your an early bird or a night owl.

Our Early birds class runs at 545am Every Tuesday & Thursday 

Sam is a Level 2 fitness instructor and has over 6 years experience running bootcamp sessions. Along with this she has a background in martial arts , holding a black belt in Kung Fo. 

A Big kid at heart .. she loves to be out in the mud, the dirtier the better. 

Sam loves her  Early bird session and will give you a warm welcome as soon as you arrive. 


This class is an all over body workout with a touch  of fun to brighten your day at 545 am 

and   will help you start your day energised and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

This class is suitable for all abilities and runs all year round.

Bootiqueenz by B-Fit is our First ever ladies only fitness class,Coached By Emma 

This class has a very relaxed and friendly  feel making it perfect for the very beginner or those lacking a little confidence. 

Emma has been with us for around 6 years and like Sam our Early birds Instructor Emma started as a member before turning it into a career. 

Emma is Mum to 3 Young girls making her the perfect coach for this child friendly class. 

While the class may be a little more relaxed you will still get a fabulous full body workout ..that gets results

Our Bootiqueenz classes are currently 

Monday 930am Bulford 

Friday 930am Bulford 



The Evening sessions are ran by Alison, The owner and founder of B-fit. 

With over 15 years  in the fitness business and a constantly learning mentality there's always something fresh in the evening air. 

Alison is a level 3 Personal Trainer with qualifications in Kettlebells, Suspension training, Functional fitness, CrossFit, Boxercise, weightlifting and much more.  Alison is a keen mountain climber and is also SML  qualified along with various other outdoor activities. 

Our Evening Bootcamp classes are suitable for  Everybody. Male and Female and we take members from the age of 14 years. 

We have a range of pricing options making it affordable and accessible.

2 outdoor classes Per week  on a 6 month Contract  £ 29.99 per month

2 outdoor classes Per week No contract  £ 31.99

3 outdoor sessions per week on a 6 month contract  £ 34.99 per month

3 outdoor sessions per week No Contract  £ 36.99 per month

Unlimited Outdoor sessions on a 6 month Contract  £ 38.99

Unlimited outdoor sessions on a 6 month Contract  £ 40.99

Drop ins  £ 7.00 per session

10 session Pass valid for 6 months   £ 55.00

 Outdoor fitness Pricing options

Contact us  at   info@b-fitbootcamp.co.uk

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