We have a  COVID SAFE  outdoor fitness class to suit everyone, whether your an early bird or a night owl.

Our Early birds class runs at 6am Every Tuesday & Thursday 

This class is suitable for all abilities and runs all year round.



The Evening sessions are held Monday and Wednesday 6pm-7pm in Tidworth and every Tuesday and Thursday  7-8pm in Bulford.

Our Evening Bootcamp classes are suitable for  Everybody. Male and Female and we take members from the age of 16 years. 

 Outdoor fitness Pricing options

We have a range of pricing options making it affordable and accessible.

2 outdoor classes Per week  on a 6 month Contract  £ 29.99 per month

2 outdoor classes Per week No contract  £ 31.99

3 outdoor sessions per week on a 6 month contract  £ 34.99 per month

3 outdoor sessions per week No Contract  £ 36.99 per month

Unlimited Outdoor sessions on a 6 month Contract  £ 38.99

Unlimited outdoor sessions on a 6 month Contract  £ 40.99

Drop ins  £ 7.00 per session

10 session Pass valid for 6 months   £ 55.00

Contact us  at   info@b-fitbootcamp.co.uk

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