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                           Voted best fitness provider in Wiltshire 2019 

Here at B-fit we welcome people with all levels of fitness. While our members may have different training goals,our group shares one common goal – to improve their fitness and live a healthier life.

At B-Fit  we exercise as a team, as a group of friends -  coached by a qualified trainer, who will adapt to your needs every session – think of personal training in a group environment.

Training within this kind of group environment has been proven to get better results than training within a gym environment.

Each daily workout is new, fun and more importantly it’s scale-able to any level of fitness. 

There are ten components to fitness..

Cardio, Stamina, Strength,Flexibility,Power,Speed,Coordination, Agility,Balance and Accuracy. 


At B-fit we use a wide range of fitness equipment which is all provided for you, safe and regularly checked.

From battle ropes to barrels we have all the latest fitness equipment and we constantly invest in both up to date equipment  and training methods to ensure that we cover all ten components of fitness. 




  Child Friendly Fitness 

Here at B-Fit we understand that juggling  family with fitness can be hard. That is why  we offer child friendly classes.


Child Friendly means you can bring your child to any class without any judgement.  

Our Bootiqueenz class has been specially designed with mum's in mind, which is why it is a ladies only class. 


 We are DBS  checked and hold current safeguarding qualifications which we would be more than happy to produce. 

What is the minimum age to join B-Fit 

Children of any age are welcome alongside. 

However to take part in classes the minimum age to take part with the parent or guardian is 12 years old. 

The minimum age to train unsupervised is 16years old.

Yes, Yes Yes .... 

As long as you are healthy then we can adapt our classes specifically to pregnancy.

W have safely trained many ladies, some right up to the last weeks ! 

For injuries, we do ask for physiotherapists advice and again will work to help rehabilitate. 

But i'm really Unfit 

Yes of course you can !!

Our classes are suitable for everyone , simply go at your own pace and we can modify the workout to suit most peoples needs.

Everyone is welcome at  B-Fit  and anyone can be a part of our fitness community.


Contact us  at   info@b-fitbootcamp.co.uk

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