Why Choose Us ?

Training outdoors has some amazing health benefits. Being in the fresh air boosts your immune system, Increases your vitamin D, along with releasing much more of those happy hormones  It also burns more calories.

Research also shows that the benefits of training within a supportive group gets better results than training within a gym environment.

Our classes are friendly, supportive and encouraging and unlike some gym programmes , our classes are never the same. 

We don't let boredom  set in. 

Taking part in our classes you will get the chance to try  a wide range of fitness equipment which is all provided for you, safe and regularly checked. From battle ropes to barrels we have all the latest fitness equipment and we constantly incest in both upto date equiptment  and training methods.


We Encourage  everyone to join us , regardless of ability.

With a variety of classes we have something suitable for everyone .

 Our Early Birds session for those who like to wake up and workout , Bootiqueenz for those who prefer a ladies only enviroment and Bootcamp for both men and women. 


 Our members are diverse which makes our community a GREAT place to get fitter and healthier. 

We are proud to be the only child friendly bootcamp in the area. We warmly welcome your children along with you.


We are DBS  checked and hold current safeguarding qualifications which we would be more than happy to produce. 

We do welcome all abilities, however if you have a current injury or medical condition , please speak to us prior to booking . 




I decided to join bfit late September to tone up and get my body back ready for when I return to work!  every session is amazing and the outcome after just two months! is unbelievable.

Bfit truly is an amazing workout with a variety of session you will never get bored! 

I joined  B-FIT  to get back to my pre pregnancy weight and thanks to the amazing sessions .. I have achieved it and feel GREAT 


Child Friendly 

Supportive trainers. Classes tailored for me whilst im expecting !!

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