We are more than just a Bootcamp 



B-Fit is  small independent Fitness provider offering outdoor classes in Amesbury, Bulford and Tidworth - Wiltshire. 


We believe in more than just offering equipment, Push ups in the park  and basic instruction. We are proud to 

give  qualified  individual coaching with a strong community of diverse  members.

I founded B-fit in 2011 and have enjoyed being able to follow my passion and share it with others.

What we offer ...

With a new workout each class , it is fun, challenging and extremely effective.
Challenge yourself and experience some amazing things with our extra activities.
Specialist Coaching
Our coaching and workshops will help you learn new skills or master any exercise.
If you need help with your diet then look no further! Learn what to eat to hot those goals
Team Building
Together Everything is Better
Coffee,Cake and Friends
Kick back and relax. Sometimes its just about friendship, fun and good company
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Contact us  at   info@b-fitbootcamp.co.uk

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Team Building

Together Everything is Better